Runnage Farm, Location

Runnage Farm is very much a part of the village of Postbridge, really the "heart" of Dartmoor. We are on the road to Widecombe from Postbridge on the side of the Walla Brook which flows under Runnage bridge.

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Postbridge is a wonderful collection of houses, farms and smallholdings. It takes its name from the famous clapper bridge for which it is perhaps best known. About 150 peple live in homes that make up the village buit all are spread out over quite a distance. Residents who live in smaller collections of dwellings, such as Bellever and Challacombe, and more remote places like Parsons Cottage and Stannon also consider themselves a part of Postbridge making the village about 4 miles long and a mile wide! Although there is no centre of the village in the traditional sense, the bridges, the Post Office and Stores and the East Dart (local pub) are certainly the focus for visitors and residents alike. St. Gabriel's church and the village hall all within walking distance of Runnage Farm, about 15-20 minutes. Isolated at altitude is the famous Warren House Inn, a more strenuous walk of about 2 miles.

You may wish to note that mobile 'phone connectivity is very limited on the high moors. Sometimes in some places it may work but do NOT rely on having a signal anywhere!

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